Recipient [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Recipient:

He leaned from the saddle to bring his recipient hand to a convenient distance.

I was doomed to be the recipient of confidences, and to be confronted with unanswerable questions.

He knew you then as something more than the recipient of his earnings.

Where it is assumed that the recipient will not want to read the letter.

He was, indeed, the recipient of other honours not often awarded for scientific distinction.

She is to be the depository of all his secrets, and the recipient of all his thoughts.

Thus far she had not been the recipient of an invitation to dine from a senior.

He was invited to splendid feasts, and was the recipient of all sorts of gifts.

But it flattered his vanity to be the recipient of such a great man's confidence.

I, the recipient of the master's favors, an ingrate and a wretch!