Reciprocate [verb]

Definition of Reciprocate:

exchange, alternate; equal

Synonyms of Reciprocate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reciprocate:

Sentence/Example of Reciprocate:

Then, Kingozi knew, he should be able to reciprocate in degree.

It's true that she's determined to have him, and that it's impossible for him not to reciprocate her love.

Reciprocate that friendship, be true, sincere, and plain dealing.

It was a pleasure to reciprocate her confidence if he could not her love.

He was sensible enough to reciprocate the kindness shown him.

And for the most part, I think, they reciprocate that attention.

Donald could not reciprocate the sentiment, and, not being a hypocrite, he made no reply.

It was a sentiment that Paul, apparently, did not reciprocate.

Because I will not accept any expressions of a love that I cannot reciprocate.

I felt an incipient friendship for this young man, which he appeared to reciprocate.