Reciprocation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Reciprocation:

She saw in either—as around—only a reciprocation of contempt.

Her lack of reciprocation did not abate his passion, it aggravated it.

But it remains fixed in one place, without any reciprocation of love.

This was reciprocation of derogatory sentiment with a vengeance!

Such is the relation of the terms of a syllogism in regard to reciprocation and antithesis.

In love I recognise solely the principle of reciprocation, as it obtains in Nature.

A rotary or other movement may be obtained from this reciprocation.

Every sentiment seemed a reciprocation of sympathy, and every look, of intelligence.

Two days after this reciprocation of kindness, the Buccaneers bid farewell to these friendly Islanders.

I watched Rita and could not find that I aroused one single feeling of reciprocation in her breast.