Recitations [noun]

Definition of Recitations:

reading to audience

Synonyms of Recitations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recitations:

Sentence/Example of Recitations:

She overslept and missed her first recitation yesterday morning.

She had no word ready when called on for a recitation herself.

We sit patiently through a recitation in English literature.

The recitation, in truth, becomes the simple game of "hot and cold."

The first class in Geography is so large that we have not room in the recitation seats.

Things were made harder, too, by the manner of recitation, as traditional as the words.

She was really so troubled that her recitation marks were not as high as they should have been.

The Rigvedis and Yajurvedis have some differences in their methods of recitation.

It was study period; recitation would be called in five minutes.

The lines are adapted, like the other specimens, for recitation by two parties.