Reciting [verb]

Definition of Reciting:

read out loud; narrate

Opposite/Antonyms of Reciting:

Sentence/Example of Reciting:

He was rather pleased with my way of reciting, and he taught me a few of the traditions.

Would you commit a sin in reciting your copy of the life of Issa to a stranger?

In reciting a hundred and fifty Aves Serge had not once repeated himself.

Then came the ceremony of reciting a compliment and offering a bouquet.

I heard her reciting Longfellow's Excelsior; and such reading, and such gestures!

At last he could bear it no longer, and broke in, reciting the names of books feverishly.

The reciting of this was good to him, for it brought the comfort of tears.

Wyant watched her curiously; she seemed to be reciting a lesson.

You bet your pink necktie, I'll be backward about reciting the hundred lines!

In about half an hour, I approached a class, which was reciting behind the railing.