Reclaimed [verb]

Definition of Reclaimed:

bring into usable condition

Synonyms of Reclaimed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reclaimed:

Sentence/Example of Reclaimed:

I gave it—ay, I gave it to a youth that came to mine aid, and reclaimed a falcon for me!

"They may be reclaimed by writing to London," said Mr. Effingham quietly.

After a moment, she came out and reclaimed her seat behind her desk.

God, in his own time, had reclaimed him, and brought him home.

Much of the land has been reclaimed in modern days by rich proprietors.

But, sir,” replied I, much agitated; “why have you not reclaimed him?

Slowly, but surely and steadily, they reclaimed their waste farms.

Even the sand-dunes have been reclaimed and converted into pasturage.

In 1798, he returned to Paris, and was reclaimed by his father.

So I jumped into the life-boat again, and reclaimed my treasures.