Reclining [adjective]

Definition of Reclining:


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Sentence/Example of Reclining:

Pericles went to seek his son, and found him reclining on the couch where he had left him.

Reclining at their feet were the three girls, tired out by the afternoon's play.

Wilhelmine rose from the divan on which she had been reclining.

Reclining on his divan he looked her up and down with a languid eye.

Nor will any one invite me in hopes of reclining at my board in his turn.

Lulu sprang from the arms of a man on whose shoulder she had been reclining.

Dain Waris, reclining on his elbow, bade him speak and tell all the news.

Mr. Holiday was reclining on a couch in the room, and Mrs. Holiday had been reading to him.

Though within ten feet, he has not noticed me reclining in a steamer-chair on deck.

Some days Sanjib Babu would be there reclining on his bolster.