Recognizable [adjective]

Definition of Recognizable:

easily noticed; considerable

Synonyms of Recognizable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recognizable:

Sentence/Example of Recognizable:

The newcomers were dirty rogues; tipstaves, recognizable at a glance.

Although there are a number of variations, two outstanding types are recognizable.

If we are not recognizable by that high world you have told me of, who, then, are our equals?

The two were Verinder and Captain Kilmeny, though at that distance they were not recognizable.

The fifth was so wrapped in his bearskin that he was not recognizable.

The face is, I understand, recognizable as that of a lost friend.

The only recognizable item was a thin knife of unusual design.

When this was taken off or wore off, it was not recognizable as a hand.

She's beginning to be recognizable, if her hair'd grow a bit faster.

From his build and the peculiar agility of his motions, he was recognizable as Maku.