Recognized [adjective]

Definition of Recognized:


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Sentence/Example of Recognized:

Andrew, thrilling with horror, recognized one as a sawed-off shotgun.

He is pretty well known, and perhaps the picture will be recognized.

They recognized the humor hidden in the answer, and enjoyed it.

Mrs. Roberts recognized the bonnet and cape with a smile of satisfaction.

I am not sure that Policeman Duffer would have recognized him.

He recognized K., and, mopping dry a part of the porch, shoved a chair on it.

And, once Wiseli is recognized as your child, no one will have the least right to her.

As soon as she recognized the group she disappeared, with a cry, into the house.

He was almost surprised that he recognized it, everything was so confused.

My room-mate had recognized it, even to the extent of calling me "Your Highness."