Recognizing [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Recognizing:

But, changed as he was, he was not slow in recognizing his old enemy, Robert Rushton.

Not recognizing her, our store detective detained her for a short time.

I took revenge on you for recognizing me by tormenting you as far as I dared.

This they use in calling to each other, and it is by recognizing the tone of the voice that they know who is calling.

The Prussians let him come on, recognizing the uniform without any distrust.

Recognizing me she smiled; but I was in no mood to linger with her.

Then you intend to keep up this farce of not recognizing her.

Often when she was hanging on an acquaintance's arm she met him and laughed at him without his recognizing her.

Marianne, recognizing how serious was the transgression, wished to scold him.

Captain Gardner, recognizing the finality of the tone, sighed and yielded.