Recoils [verb]

Definition of Recoils:

shrink away

Synonyms of Recoils:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recoils:






Sentence/Example of Recoils:

There is something in the human mind which recoils from too outrageous a deception.

Taking in the strange half-circle round the stove, she recoils.

They must urge the reason to accept the conclusion, from which unaided it recoils.

It rushes forward, recoils, hesitates and returns to the charge.

This indictment is not only unjust, but it recoils on Western civilisation.

Thus it is that deceit often leads into danger, and recoils upon itself.

She recoils from everything but the plastic, the pliant, and the indefinite.

The crowd, as superstitious as it is criminal, recoils from both intruders.

When I put my fingers near his injured eye, Croin recoils a little.

And the living flesh, shrinking instinctively from death, recoils.