Recommendatory [adjective]

Definition of Recommendatory:

approving, friendly

Opposite/Antonyms of Recommendatory:

Sentence/Example of Recommendatory:

Does he come under the recommendatory 'firman' of any dear friend or acquaintance?

He was to consider his instructions as recommendatory, not as peremptory.

Congress had powers which were only recommendatory, and its recommendations were ignored by the local legislatures.

The giving of recommendatory letters is a subject of considerable practical interest.

When Addison published "Cato" in 1713, Young had the honour of prefixing to it a recommendatory copy of verses.

It was simply a recommendatory letter sent with Onesimus, returning voluntarily to Colosse and his master.

It is true Nance Gwyn possessed some recommendatory qualifications, yet her frequent readiness to tears kept her without the pale.

In New Jersey the people had no voice in the judiciary or the making and executing of laws other than recommendatory.

The votes of the members were only recommendatory, not conclusive, the final sentence being reserved by the duke to himself.

For this reason, recommendatory or precatory words used in a bequest are frequently treated as an express direction.