Recommended [adjective]

Definition of Recommended:


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Sentence/Example of Recommended:

You are recommended, Miss, to the practice of your private devotions.

This method, however, is not to be recommended, because it is not economical.

The authorities here have recommended him for promotion to the rank of Major.

It is most seldom that a person feels so mixed like that; and it is not to be recommended, either.

Candour and sincerity may be recommended from this example, as the best policy.

Pasta, on hearing her sing, encouraged her, and recommended a teacher.

In his case, his friends not only recommended this, but he was desirous himself, of doing it.

"Drown him in the new butt of Moselle," recommended Rudesheimer.

If they are very fond of children they can be recommended to adopt poor orphans.

My sisters began to take a fancy to him, and recommended him to me.