Recommending [verb]

Definition of Recommending:

advise, approve

Opposite/Antonyms of Recommending:

Sentence/Example of Recommending:

Mrs. Symes was recommending one of them to me only the other day.

It was the one which the general's coachman had handed to him, recommending me to his care.

I am recommending you to the care of the station-master, the Commandant X.

Is that what Madame de Melbain has been recommending you to do?

I need a little of that rest you were just recommending me to take.

I was glad of this opportunity of recommending myself to his prayers.

I certainly see the wisdom of your advice in recommending that we should bury the treasure.

This is not any excuse, however, for recommending inferior arrangements.

"I should not think it necessary to mention his age, in recommending him," the colonel said.

At the adjourned meeting, in May following, this committee made an elaborate report, recommending a committee of correspondence.