Recommends [verb]

Definition of Recommends:

advise, approve

Opposite/Antonyms of Recommends:

Sentence/Example of Recommends:

But I observe that when I mention the matter to him he recommends to me some other tutor and refuses himself.

This is all which appears to be accomplished by the process which Mr. Crookes recommends.

The liner acknowledges and recommends inverting the bearings.

The latter is what a doctor does when he recommends aspirin for arthritis.

What recommends commerce to me is its enterprise and bravery.

O, Mr. Grey knows this family well, and recommends them in the highest terms.

Vitruvius recommends that they should face the east, for the benefit of the early sun.

Yet that is exactly the position of a doctor who recommends a nostrum.

He hence, in such cases, recommends the use of the "abdominal supporter."

When it recommends a certain course of action it shows us that this is a thing which we must not do.