Reconciled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Reconciled:

He became, however, reconciled at last, and wished for me to be here and remain near him.

But your husband is to go home every night without you, till you are reconciled to him.

Hope, born again, reconciled him to his career and to his race!

The curse of circumstance had humbled, but reconciled him to the dust.

On the night in question he was placed at my right, and we had to get reconciled.

It is as if there were now but one and the same soil, reconciled and fraternal.

Here is a contradiction which it seems to me can scarcely be reconciled.

She has reconciled me in a good measure to the world with her friendly prattle.

Finally they called Notscha in to them and ordered him to be reconciled to his father.

He was also reconciled with the papacy and the House of Austria.