Reconciling [verb]

Definition of Reconciling:

make peace; adjust

Opposite/Antonyms of Reconciling:

Sentence/Example of Reconciling:

A storm was inevitable, and sunset prepared a reconciling pageant.

There would be no reconciling her to the notion of such a marriage?

What puzzled Miss Dwight was the difficulty of reconciling him with himself.

There was only one way of reconciling these conflicting claims.

Love became the energizing, reconciling force in human existence.

Mine is the task of seeking her out, reconciling her, saving her from this life of shame.

This is he with whom I hoped to share the lot of reconciling the quarrel of races and of ages!

The reconciling process was slow—but it was no less sure than usual.

She never devoted a minute to the task of reconciling herself to it.

Jane, he is pointed out by Providence as the means of reconciling them.