Reconsideration [noun]

Definition of Reconsideration:


Synonyms of Reconsideration:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reconsideration:

Sentence/Example of Reconsideration:

What if he were to say that on reconsideration he felt unwilling to retire?

Thus it was not owing to any retraction of his gift, or reconsideration of it, that he demurred.

Of the result of this reconsideration, there is no conclusive testimony.

He moved a reconsideration of the vote by which the bill had passed.

Of the result of this reconsideration there is no conclusive testimony.

In the middle of 1883 came a reconsideration of the position.

The whole question of the Sinking Fund was ripe for reconsideration.

After this meeting there was a reconsideration of Villiers' resolution.

She was prompt in all her movements, and she wasted no time on reconsideration.

Permit me to ask a reconsideration of the order prohibiting their use.