Recorder [noun]

Definition of Recorder:

notary public

Synonyms of Recorder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recorder:


Sentence/Example of Recorder:

There the Recorder of the States came to read the sentence to him.

After the sentence was read, the Recorder asked him whether he had anything to answer.

Yea, Mr. Recorder himself must not look for life from that which he himself revealeth.

I dread the time when I shall have to cannibalize the recorder.

"The recorder here was out of adjustment, sir," he said simply.

He began slowly to turn the regulating screw on the recorder.

“I think I shall have to send you to prison,” said the recorder, preparing to write.

"You may sit down, my child," said the Recorder, in a tone of encouragement.

"That was a dreadful exposure for a young girl," said the Recorder.

The insignificant sum of $2.50 is required to be paid the recorder.