Records [noun]

Definition of Records:

account of event or proceedings

Opposite/Antonyms of Records:


Sentence/Example of Records:

He kept no records of birthdays and wedding-anniversaries or the hour of death.

Carlotta put out the lights and turned in a business-like way to her records.

Far away was the night nurse's desk, with its lamp, its annunciator, its pile of records.

I'm afraid you'll fall down there and get the records mixed.

What wonder then that one of the records should say of them all, that they saw two angels?

There is necessarily a sameness in the records of these pestilences.

(With some starvation, the records say,) Our well-fed Independence!

The harp of the minstrel is untruly touched, if his own glory is all that it records.

Her personality lives for us still in her own books and in the records of her friends.

"Dale, I have been looking into the records of this Michael Strange," he said quietly.