Recounts [verb]

Definition of Recounts:

tell a story

Synonyms of Recounts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recounts:

Sentence/Example of Recounts:

The general interrogates him, and the Arab recounts his adventures.

If he has been unfortunate, he recounts his distresses, and in doing so, forgets them.

The second recounts the voyages and adventures of Ulysses after the destruction of Troy.

It recounts the case of a very wealthy Scotch baronet's daughter.

She recounts the loss of her wedding ring, but prevaricates.

The most notable event in its history was the battle which Wyeth recounts.

"The truth" is at stake—the truth for which he has suffered all that he recounts in chap.

XI, recounts Pomponio's self-mutilation in order to effect his escape.

It recounts the struggles of an orphan family in their efforts after independence.

The village of Amesbury still cherishes her memory and recounts her virtues.