Recreated [verb]

Definition of Recreated:


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Sentence/Example of Recreated:

They recreated the whole scene for me as Two Moons had done.

Jason did not tell the ending of the feelie; he recreated it.

Some of these phalli were recreated as fast as they were worn away by zealous devotees.

The orchards revived as if they had been recreated, and the danger was over.

All social relations are recreated by it, beginning with family and church.

In this way only can the composition be recreated in our imaginations.

Svirski had marvelled always that the Renaissance had not recreated the symbol of death.

The Great Magician's wand had recreated the world instantaneously.

Women are a new race, recreated since the world received Christianity.

All shall perish but one pure pair, who will people the recreated world.