Recreating [verb]

Definition of Recreating:


Opposite/Antonyms of Recreating:

Sentence/Example of Recreating:

The rustics have ended their labours and are recreating with music and dancing.

We happened to be recreating at Stafford Springs that summer.

Frying Pan Park is an attempt to give citizens a glimpse of their heritage by recreating the familiar patterns of family farming.

As every day brought her stimulating emotion, so every night yielded her recreating rest.

When a person after excessive physical exertion is resting he is not recreating.

All Thursday they were there recreating and sporting themselues, for that it was a pleasant ilande, and full of fresh riuers.

Gradually he lost himself in half-articulate prayer, in the solemn girding of the will to this future task of a recreating love.

"Time enough after you marry," she said deliberately, and lighted a cigarette from a candle, recreating her knees the other way.

Maternity tells her all the secrets of increasing, diminishing, and recreating life.

Few persons seem to appreciate the value of solitude as a means of recreating and building up the inner life.