Recreational [adjective]

Definition of Recreational:

relating to sports

Synonyms of Recreational:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recreational:


Sentence/Example of Recreational:

But the national parks are far more than recreational areas.

One must not for an instant, however, consider these noon hours as recreational.

Recreational facilities were not provided and slave children had little knowledge of how to play.

Recreational craft present the greater challenge to management control.

These and a vast number of recreational activities owe much, and in some cases their existence, to artificial light.

The Sunday School must mean a great deal to her for she mentions it as a cultural as well as a recreational resource.

During the dry season baseball is widely indulged in and plays an important part in the social and recreational life of the Zone.

The camp was well equipped with recreational centers where the soldiers enjoyed their idle hours.

A larger use of the school house for social, recreational and civic purposes should be encouraged.

These books are intended mainly for recreational reading, both at home and at school.