Recruiting [verb]

Definition of Recruiting:

gather resources

Synonyms of Recruiting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recruiting:

Sentence/Example of Recruiting:

How are they to employ the day, or what inducement have they to employ it, in recruiting their stock of health?

"I took them from the recruiting man, as they came," she replied.

There was another boom in recruiting just then, following on another German outrage.

There were recruiting sergeants to be met with at every turn.

A cynic sends us a tip for the recruiting department of our army.

But there was no time to waste and recruiting was strenuously pushed.

We have a recruiting meeting at —— Hall at six, and I must be there without fail.

Then the ingenuity of the recruiting officers was called into play.

"At first I thought seriously about recruiting you," Moera said.

During the night, it seemed, the Legal Force had been recruiting.