Recruits [noun]

Definition of Recruits:

person beginning service

Synonyms of Recruits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recruits:

Sentence/Example of Recruits:

The air is so pure, too, that people come there to recruit their health.

Oh, didn't I kiss your uncle Pascal when he brought you here to recruit your health!'

She did what seemed easiest—she took him down to recruit at Howards End.

He had been sick and had come on board in order to recruit his health.

These exercises correct the form of the body and transform the recruit into a soldier.

To man this vessel, Jones was obliged to recruit a most motley crew.

He is attempting to recruit members to an organization he is forming.

If the recruit will not obey, it is the duty of the drill officer to report him to the instructor.

We came to Ureparapara in the month of June to 'recruit' and got four men.

Let me introduce a friend—Mr. Elsmere—and if you will have him, a recruit for your work.