Recto [noun]

Definition of Recto:

sheet of paper

Synonyms of Recto:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recto:

Sentence/Example of Recto:

(recto) "Here begynneth the prologue of this present treatyse."

The text ends on the recto of l 6, the last page being blank.

Both the recto and the verso of the leaf have the full complement of 23 lines but there is a hiatus in the text.

In addition to the ordinary page numbers, the printed text labeled the recto (odd) pages of the first leaf of each 4-page folio.

Stamp date of bill and cost in book on first recto after title page: "27 June 1914 Binding 75."

Term indicating that the print on the verso falls exactly over that on the recto.

The border on the recto of the vellum leaf shows through on the verso or back of the leaf.

In the original, folio numbers (beginning after the table of contents) are printed only on the recto side of each leaf.

(folio 11 recto) The socket of the eye is not over-depressed, for it has to receive the images (spetie) of visible things.

Concluding with a part of a page of 'Faults escaped' on the recto of last leaf.