Rectory [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Rectory:

Doltimore, Legard, names new to me; I never met them at the rectory.

How is it, Maltravers, that they see so little of you at the rectory?

The Rectory gate clicked sharply as it swung to behind the labourer.

The rectory was often surrounded by a moat, with an entrance protected by a gatehouse.

It would not be more than ten or twelve miles, and so I should get a peep of the rectory.

When I went out to walk about the rectory garden, Grimmer touched his hat.

We could see the church tower and the roof, but the rectory was not yet visible to our eyes.

Johnson, the groom, met us at Haddington on Hill and we drove to the rectory.

They were things she wanted—yes, needed, if she were to remain at the rectory.

Should we leave the rectory and England and go back to Bayport where we belonged?