Recumbent [adjective]

Definition of Recumbent:

lying down

Synonyms of Recumbent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recumbent:


Sentence/Example of Recumbent:

As he approached the recumbent figure he yelled a panted "Hi, there!"

"Truss him up, Kenneth," he commanded, pointing to the recumbent figure.

The repulsive task of searching the recumbent figure now lay before him.

My eyes, accustomed to obscurity, traced an indistinct and recumbent form.

The recumbent figure in bed seemed to have actually succumbed to sleep.

He raised the recumbent figure to a couch, and then looked at the wound.

Jackson, riding by a recumbent group, spoke from the saddle.

There was probably a recumbent figure on the top, but it has long since disappeared.

It represented a recumbent Sappho playing on a nine-stringed lyre.

When this fancy occurred, I started from my recumbent posture.