Recur [verb]

Definition of Recur:

happen again; repeat in one's mind

Synonyms of Recur:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recur:



Sentence/Example of Recur:

I recur to it here as a plausible suggestion only, in connection with my theme.

I trust that you will not be offended if I recur to the subject of the New House.

Pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions may or rather must recur in successive lines.

Mark my words, there will soon be a new phase or an old one will recur.

It is most likely that the court will not recur to capital punishment again.

A reflection I had reason to recur to more than once in my after experience of Ireland.

To solve these questions, we must recur to the Patria Potestas.

There were two special points in this conversation which recur to my mind.

The attacks are apt to recur at the same time of day as in the first attack.

But we shall have occasion to recur to this subject in later pages.