Reddens [verb]

Definition of Reddens:

blush, make rosy

Synonyms of Reddens:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reddens:

Sentence/Example of Reddens:

Donald Morrison to redden his hands with the blood of his fellow!

For Mrs. Denyse to redden visibly was manifestly impossible.

The girl was obviously not the type to redden, but her anger was manifest.

Let my blood in another life also redden the impaling stake.

They worked on, for the most part silently, until daylight began to redden the east.

"Yes, I will be here," said Jaime, giving Catalina a look which made her redden.

At sight of Larkin he halted in his tracks and began to redden.

He felt his face redden as at the hearing of 180 some horrible indecency.

She began to redden, and pretended to examine the windows again.

I looked at him; presently my face began to redden; and, “What do you mean?”