Reddish [adjective]

Definition of Reddish:

pinkish, blushing

Synonyms of Reddish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reddish:


Sentence/Example of Reddish:

The Mann Ranges are very high and rough, and are composed of reddish granite.

Now the whole Cathedral was glowing with a reddish yellow light.

Then she glanced at a little jar full of a sort of reddish dye.

It has a tendency to turn the milk or cream in which it is cooked to a reddish color.

The gills are broad, crowded, whitish-gray, reddish when bruised.

Sometimes of a bright amethyst but usually of a reddish brown.

The flesh is yellowish, changing to reddish or brownish when bruised.

He further remarked, that the article was covered with a reddish mold.

Varieties with reddish, purple, and white flowers are also in cultivation.

They seem to grow from the roots, and are quite soft and reddish in color.