Redeemed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Redeemed:

He might have redeemed his character; he had nothing but good examples before him.

And how nobly since that he has, by the grace of Heaven, redeemed and consecrated his life.

They could be redeemed piece by piece when money was more plentiful.

If the world is to be redeemed, it must be by the conscience of the individual voter.

“There is an impertinence which is redeemed by wit,” said Sir Charles, severely.

However, I hope I have redeemed my promise here in other respects.

Harvard College might have its faults, but at least it redeemed America, since it was true to its own.

These results would have followed, even if the State had never been redeemed.

Until it has, in some measure, so redeemed the past, I may not say more.

And with your assistance we may be redeemed from this downward tendency.