Redirect [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Redirect:

Again we step in and redirect his impulse; we put on his baubles and strut for him.

It operates not to perpetuate the forces which produced it but to modify and redirect them.

And perhaps in redirect some of the damage could be repaired.

"One moment," said Badger, detaining Dr. Thornton for the redirect.

And that fact must, and does, daily redirect human pugnacity.

He had completed what he had to say; Mr. Hunter had announced he didn't intend to make a redirect examination.

The redirect examination went over the same ground, and Badger placed a Mr. Lovejoy on the stand.

The redirect by Badger brought out nothing new for the government's case.

Those who wish to redirect young human life may find a practise lesson in this example of nature.

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