Rediscover [verb]

Definition of Rediscover:

find again

Synonyms of Rediscover:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rediscover:

Sentence/Example of Rediscover:

He had been gone from her for so long, she wanted to rediscover him, his position, what he was now.

You rediscover an old truth, that we are all sinners—God forgive us.

We are attempting to rediscover it through our common sense.

When I draw the body of a woman I rediscover the form of the beautiful Greek vases.

Efforts to rediscover Monterey assumed the nature of crusades.

Some day he will rediscover the Dantesque hierarchy of souls implicit in humanity.

There are dogs, and there is the dog which we rediscover in every one of them.

They will serve for our descendants as Pompeii to rediscover.

Only a hunting people like the Americans could rediscover the sharpshooter.

If advisable, he might rediscover them in the morning and surrender them immediately.