Redistribute [verb]

Definition of Redistribute:

do over

Synonyms of Redistribute:

Opposite/Antonyms of Redistribute:


Sentence/Example of Redistribute:

Ethan mustn't run away with the idea that the Tallmadge accumulations were only waiting for a lavish hand to redistribute.

Other men have attempted to redistribute the divisions and devise new modes of collecting the revenue.

Come to such a place this evening; all the neighbourhood will be there; we are going to redistribute the dwelling-houses.

This movement puzzled the newcomer until he suddenly realized that it was merely to redistribute the rouge on them.

This ovular migration may serve to redistribute eggs to the oviducts when the ovaries are functioning at unequal rates.

Demand for consumption goods is thus the manifestation of the man's desire to redistribute his enjoyments.

The function, then, of the Central Office is to receive and redistribute communications.

We, as a result, enact the rôle of patient, sweet generosity and redistribute gifts.

A general social re-organization is needed which will redistribute forces, immunize, divert and nullify.

These exploring grizzlies, as numbers increased, might redistribute themselves.