Redness [noun]

Definition of Redness:

pink coloring

Synonyms of Redness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Redness:

Sentence/Example of Redness:

The redness of the sky gave way to blue, and all grew clear and beautiful.

He may be known from the other varieties by the redness of his gills.

He took notice of the serious humour he found me in, and of the redness of my eyes.

The deepening of the cloud is essentially necessary to the redness of the orb.

Rollo could see the redness of the heat in the holes and crevices.

So at last the redness, of the oxygen-carrier is turned to account.

Why has not this redness already been driven over at the beginning?

This is chiefly true of his earlier work, the "Aurora" or "Morning Redness."

It is accompanied with pain, swelling, redness and inflammation.

Blood was its Avatar and its seal—the redness and the horror of blood.