Redraw [verb]

Definition of Redraw:

correct, edit

Synonyms of Redraw:

Opposite/Antonyms of Redraw:

Sentence/Example of Redraw:

If they take your stuff they send you back to alter it or redraw it.

The teacher of history may redraw almost every day the map of Europe.

She told Miss Wardell about it the day she had to stay after school to redraw her map.

And it is not the business of anyone in Great Britain to redraw them.

Why don't you cross out that Ford car there and redraw it up where it was?

I do believe Seton drew his pictures with those simple, expressive outlines so that young folks could redraw them.

Yet out of these contingencies will emerge the strong hands that will redraw the trade map of the world.

They watched him carelessly draw and redraw his handkerchief through his fingers; he was unmoved, and entirely at ease.

Will you redraw the line then, Dr. Shaw, and initial it, indicating the more accurate angle?