Reducing [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Reducing:

"While you're reducing the size of it you might also reduce the pain in it," said Dick.

If we begin by reducing the Spaniards here, that possibility will be removed.

After reducing the towns of Cephallenia, Iphicrates sailed to Corcyra.

There was no reducing sail––not now, in this cold rage of weather.

This is the theory, and we have been most successful in reducing it to practice.

The charge of reducing the number of monasteries and churches he denied.

The difficulty lies in the exact apportionment of the reducing solution.

Is made for the use of women, for reducing hip and abdominal measure.

There seemed to be a hammer beating on his brain, reducing it to a pulp.

This brute took a positive pleasure, I believe, in reducing my self-esteem.