Redundant [adjective]

Definition of Redundant:

excessive; repetitious

Synonyms of Redundant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Redundant:

Sentence/Example of Redundant:

Its attributes of youth are the activity and eager life with which it is redundant.

And this rosiness, so like redundant vigor, was it not the flush of her hot task?

Nor is the term Olympus as applied to these hills a redundant flight of fancy.

The neck of the flap is sure to be redundant and prominent, but can be pared.

The redundant use of the personal pronoun with the relative is common.

Nature has been bountiful to that island, for there is redundant verdure on every side.

Just so; they rid the country of the trop plein, and prevent a redundant population.

This redundant use of as in statements of time is not uncommon.

The 'smart man' is a type of American society, and a redundant type.

They are vestiges of the redundant practice of former times.