Reedit [verb]

Definition of Reedit:

criticize, scrutinize

Synonyms of Reedit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reedit:

Sentence/Example of Reedit:

At least there’s a script, though old and dusty, that they can revise, and they can make those edits knowing that they once advanced to the NBA Finals as part of a fledgling trio that included Russell Westbrook.

I tried to speak to my experience, but in the edit, I remember thinking, there are going to be people who do all of these things and there are still going to be walls, and I need to write to that.

No alterations or edits were allowed and it was published for careful consideration by the Council and the public.

I think we’re going to see those those bills come forward with with a few edits and tweaks that can better meet where workplaces should be going as they fully embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion—especially given what we’ve learned this year.

Even with such efforts, the pigs being born have the right edit only about 20 to 30% of the time.