Reedy [adjective]

Definition of Reedy:

long and lean

Synonyms of Reedy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reedy:





Sentence/Example of Reedy:

The male voice was peculiar; it was, as I told you, reedy and nasal.

It was a reedy woman in a housecoat, her hair in curlers, her eyes red and swollen.

But she still bore that heathen name, which she had received in the reedy thicket.

It was an hour before they found a little mud-pool in a reedy hollow.

"I've heard it all before," Rat said, with a note of boredom in his reedy voice.

It was a tinkly, reedy instrument, for none of that household had any turn for music.

There are plenty of moor-hens or water-hens in these reedy pools.

It frequents the wooded and reedy banks of the great rivers.

She answered to the peculiar, reedy twang in his penetrating voice.

If a bird sings in the meadow its tune is pitched to Pan's reedy obligato.