Reeling [adjective]

Definition of Reeling:


Synonyms of Reeling:

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Sentence/Example of Reeling:

He was reeling about the neighborhood, but no one knew exactly where.

Day faded to night, and Solange slept as best she could on the reeling train.

He got no further, for Captain Elisha sent him reeling with a push and ran to the elevator.

Quaking, reeling, almost falling, she came tottering down the patio.

Her head was reeling and she could scarcely stand, but she blindly began the descent.

Davy was reeling about madly, and singing and laughing in gust on gust.

"It may be, it may be," sobbed the girl, reeling as she spoke.

"The trouble's not over yet," insisted Jukes, prophetically, reeling and catching on.

The dark world was reeling about him, and the wind was dragging at his breath.

Jim struck Tode a blow that sent him reeling against the rail.