Ref [noun]

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My inexperience became only too apparent when I told the men that I had "just beat the Ref."

Ref hasn't changed any more than my interest in writing these books for you.

But there's a difference, and here's where you ref'ree, judge.

The ref shakes his head no, and that seems to satisfy the Martian.

The ref hadn't seen Charles foul me, but he'd seen Charles's play that weekend.

"If you'd done like this in a shop you'd be sacked without a ref," he said when his search was over.

Charles complained mightily, but to our satisfaction, the ref wasn't having any of it.

So Ref returned to Norway and slew his opponent, who refused to pay the wager.

Folks calls 'im Laz'rus in ref'ence to de Bible chil' what riz up jes' same way lak', outen de daid col' tomb.

Refuge, ref′ūj, n. that which affords shelter or protection: an asylum or retreat: a resource or expedient.