Referable [adjective]

Definition of Referable:

capable of being traced

Synonyms of Referable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Referable:


Sentence/Example of Referable:

We have seen that this subject matter is referable to four general heads.

The heat produced in both cases is referable to a common cause.

They exist under two forms, and are referable to a double origin.

And this is the case with phenomena, as regards that in them which is referable to mere sensation.

In the majority of characters they are, however, referable to the latter.

Two monkeys from Sirhassen appear to be referable to this species.

This crisis presents a class of duties which is referable to yourselves.

All these effects should be referable to the same group of causes.

The specimens of the second generation are referable to var.

It has been averred that some of the British specimens are referable to this form.