References [noun]

Definition of References:

remark, citation

Synonyms of References:

Opposite/Antonyms of References:


Sentence/Example of References:

At the little house no one had seemed to think about references.

And it occurred to him that it would be best to give his references at once.

At the close of the book will be found a list of references.

Then what sort of references did you mean, references about your character?

In his innocence it had not occurred to him that references would be required.

What touched me most, perhaps, were the Father's references to his mother.

The old tavern keeper's references to himself were too fresh in his mind.

It is hardly possible that the author of the book made these references to Varro.

She is packing her things now and I shall refuse any references.

For this part of the test, books may be opened and references consulted.