Referendum [noun]

Definition of Referendum:

popular vote on matter

Synonyms of Referendum:

Opposite/Antonyms of Referendum:


Sentence/Example of Referendum:

Advised his congregations to adopt the recall and referendum.

The referendum is the submission of every issue to the people.

In practice the Referendum has acted as a check to advanced legislation.

For references on the initiative and the referendum see p. 420.

“Nullification” was the name which this referendum soon acquired.

It is to my mind regrettable that so many Liberals should have closed the door on the Referendum.

Some states have the referendum and initiative power of helping to make laws.

The people of Missouri, speaking through their referendum, threw it out.

On a Referendum it would be impossible to isolate the issue.

It sent out a question to all syndicats for a referendum vote.