Refilling [noun]

Definition of Refilling:


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Sentence/Example of Refilling:

Gideon ran back, refilling the magazine of his rifle as he went.

The Bosjeeman then, refilling the egg-shells, returned with us to where we had left his companions.

From this he drank first with avidity, then refilling it he prepared to start back.

“But now our turn came,” continued the skipper, refilling his pipe.

"She did, sir," answered the honest steward, refilling his glass.

Yet this we must do, if you do not devise some method of refilling our purses.

Servants circulated, refilling goblets from pitchers of wine.

"You found the roads bad," said Rushmere, refilling his pipe.

His smile was truly wonderful as he held forth his glass for refilling.

He revenged himself by refilling his hut with women as quickly as possible.