Refitted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Refitted:

From February to June she was worked over; refitted; resparred.

They have been all refitted and repaired—or else they are new.'

When there, we refitted the ship, and sailed again for Virginia on the 24th of June.

As soon as we have refitted her and your vessel, I will remain where I am.

The old Spanish garrison tower must be refitted for the women and children.

He expects to be ordered to Sheerness shortly, as the "Tamar" has never been refitted.

He refitted the fireship at sea, and then went on, reaching Bougie on the 2nd of May.

We dried our fish at Chatham and refitted before sailing for Boston, at which place we arrived some time in December.

Here she was refitted, and from here she again started on a cruise.

The room, as well as their cabins, they saw had been refitted luxuriously.