Reflects [verb]

Definition of Reflects:

give back

Synonyms of Reflects:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reflects:

Sentence/Example of Reflects:

Reflects on the Harlowe family, and particularly on Mrs. Harlowe, for her passiveness.

That's a woman who observes and reflects in an uncommon manner.

What he feels is pain, when he reflects that he has less himself than other monarchs.

To him it is given to rejoice as he reflects, "I am doing well."

Such a view, it need not be urged, reflects an unscientific state of mind.

It will be obvious to any one who reflects that the loss is great.

The white cloth is white because it reflects all colors back at once.

We say that a sweater is red; really the sweater is not red, but the light that it reflects to our eyes is red.

As you already know, when you look at a chair you see the light that reflects from it.

It is a subdued and limited sixteenth-century reality which he reflects.